User Information: Verfied vs Is Verified

When I do a social login, it states the email is verified. But, in the user_info details – there is a setting called is_verified that says false and verified that says true. What is the difference in the two?? Shouldn’t it say “true” since verified is set to true.

These are attributes returned from Facebook, rather than Auth0 attributes. You can learn more about them in the Facebook documentation:


Indicates whether the account has been
verified. This is distinct from the
is_verified field. Someone is
considered verified if they take any
of the following actions: Register for
mobile Confirm their account via SMS
Enter a valid credit card


People with large numbers of followers
can have the authenticity of their
identity manually verified by
Facebook. This field indicates whether
the person’s profile is verified in
this way. This is distinct from the
verified field