User Fuzzy / Proximity Search Not Working on Dashboard and Management API Request


Fuzzy and proximity user search does not work with search_engine v2 and v3.

The search_engine v2 search query docs explicitly say it is supported.

Although the search_engine v3 doc does not mention it, it says it supports Lucene query syntax.

Both v2 and v3 do not work on the Auth0 dashboard and calling the Auth0 management API endpoint.

Applies To

  • Fuzzy and proximity user search
  • search_engine V2


The search_engine V2 is decommissioned and disabled in all environments. Even if set when calling the GET /users endpoint, it will fall back to search_engine V3, which does not currently support the fuzzy and proximity operators.

If this feature in search_engine v3 is desired, create a new topic on this link.