User creation without email/


I am trying to create a user by API endpoint.

My case is very similar to Create Users without an Email Address

As the extension to this case, I have concerns.

The flow, as described in your documentation, creation of the users executes underneath 2 scripts: Get User (to verify if it doesn’t exist) and Login (to confirm if it was successful).

To the endpoint, we are passing Email, Username, and Password (among other fields)

When we get to the Login script, as the argument it gets Email and Password.
Is there a way to for usage of username there?

We are concerned about the situation when there are multiple users with the same email address attached.

Also, an additional question - in the documentation for Create User email is described as optional.
Is there any documentation on ‘when’ it might be optional? Because we were trying to create a user without email and in response we got ‘email is required’.

Hi @Jakub.Przybylski

You cannot have duplicate email addresses - each user must have a unique email address. If you have users sharing an email address - you should fix this before migrating.

The optional email address is for SMS connection users, no email required for those.