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User class missing from Auth0.Core Nuget package version 4.0



Just updated Auth0.Core Nuget package to 4.0 and the Auth.Core.User class is missing.

![What’s left in Auth0.Core][1]


The latest version of that package is a new major version and as such there are some breaking changes in relation to the previous 3.x versions.

You can read more about the breaking changes at:

In particular, the error you got may be caused by this change that mentions the previous use of a User class which changed in version 4:

The AuthenticationClient.GetUserInfoAsync() method now returns a UserInfo class instead of User.

Also have in mind the following information located at the library repository:

Version 4.x is meant to be used for clients that are either flagged as OIDC Conformant (under the OAuth tab in the client Advanced settings) or if you are triggering the OIDC-conformant pipeline by using the audience parameter when starting an authorization flow.

If not, please continue using v3.x. Both versions will be fully supported and maintained.

(emphasis is mine)