User_blocked message not showing Auth0 lock

I’m currently using the lock v11.3, And i need to display the error message when a user is blocked. i did from what i could find from documentation and from readings. But nothing worked, below is my current configuration.

can someone tell me where have i gone wrong or is this a bug in the lock ?

Thanks in advance.

What are your steps to reproduce?

There are a few reasons why this could be happening.

  1. Are you using your universal login page or are you hosting lock on your web page?
  2. How is the user getting blocked? Are they getting blocked by someone blocking them from the management API or the manage dashboard, or are they getting blocked because they are doing too many login attempts?
  3. What is the current behavior? Are you getting an error message sent to your redirect_uri instead of the error in lock?

It would be helpful if you could use developer tools in chrome to watch the network traffic during your attempt to log in with a blocked user. That could be shedding light onto where the error is being sent.

There are default messages already configured, the language dictionary just allows you to override the message that is already there for the default. So, if the error message is not showing up, it is likely due to it being sent somewhere else instead of back to the login page.