Is It possible to customize Blocked user page?

The full response from Auth0 is:
“error”: “unauthorized”,
“error_description”: “user is blocked”

Is it possible to customize this page? Or dont show it.

Have you checked the Customizing Lock Error Messages page?


I’m using a custom Auth0 login screen. When a blocked user trys to loggin, he is redirect to another page with the following details:

“error”: “unauthorized”,
“error_description”: “user is blocked”


I need to change this for a simple message displayed in the login screen, but I’m not getting any succes. Please help!

My login code:

realm: ‘clientes’,
username: document.getElementById(‘text’).value,
password: document.getElementById(‘password’).value
}, function(err){
if (err) {

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fyi @marco.santo I moved your duplicate question to the other one you created and joined them - my post above should get you started in the right direction

@jerdog, we are experiencing a similar issue to @marco.santo. The url you referenced is specific to using lock.js, we are both using auth0.js. It’s interesting that an invalid password isn’t redirected, but a blocked user is redirected back to the client.

Ideally, as you said with lock, the user would never leave the login screen. Can you provide context or documentation that can support this instead of redirecting?

I believe this may be by design. Any error caused in the authentication process caused from Rules or blocked users is handled at the callback location. I do not believe we can catch many of these errors, since the redirection to the callback URL has happened. If it is a Single Page application, using Lock we may be able to catch and parse those errors, since this is where Lock would take care of handling the response.

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Hi! I am a Product Manager on the User Management team.

We are considering some improvements that will enable you to better customize the blocked user workflow. I’d love the opportunity to chat you on why and how you intentionally block users. I’m particularly interested in admin or your 3rd party system initiated blocks (separate from the auto blocks performed by Auth0’s Anomaly detection).

Let me know if you’re interested and we can set up a 30 min video chat:)