User account does not exist or the verification code is invalid

I am getting this error when following an email verification link from after all sign ups. I am using a mysql custom DB connection. The change IS reflected in my database, but there is a problem internally that dont know how to track down.

Here is the verify script, I have tried logging the error here if (err) return callback(err); but I dont believe this block is being accessed.

function verify(email, callback) {
  const mysql = require('mysql');

  const connection = mysql.createConnection({
    user: configuration.user,
    password: configuration.password,
    database: configuration.database


  const query = `UPDATE users_v2 SET emailVerified = 1 WHERE emailVerified = 0 AND email = "${email}"`;

  connection.query(query, [ email ], function(err, results) {
    if (err) return callback(err);

    callback(null, results.length > 0);

Here is the log

  "date": "2022-02-28T15:51:39.583Z",
  "type": "fv",
  "description": "User account does not exist or verification code is invalid.",
  "connection": "Username-Password-Authentication",
  "connection_id": "con_hXGcUITB4F6UGG4c",
  "client_id": "DYTCXykpXfyea2jE0MpbqdN1NtzHS71I",
  "client_name": "",
  "ip": "",
  "user_agent": "Firefox 97.0.0 / Mac OS X 10.15.0",
  "details": {
    "title": "Email Verification",
    "email": "",
    "body": {
      "ticket": "0EMsy4LNPs9D9FWFt5yf6kH0EqYLcXJ3",
      "tenant": "example"
    "query": {
      "email": "",
      "user_id": "db_user|4783df8c-98ae-11ec-8d0b-12759cb8ec5b",
      "tenant": "area4",
      "client_id": "DYTCXykpXfyea2jE0MpbqdN1NtzHS71I",
      "connection": "Username-Password-Authentication",
      "idp_user_id": null,
      "resultUrl": null,
      "includeEmailInRedirect": false
  "user_id": "",
  "user_name": "",
  "strategy": "auth0",
  "strategy_type": "database",
  "log_id": "90020220228155144624260858900531686385991069062041436178",
  "_id": "90020220228155144624260858900531686385991069062041436178",
  "isMobile": false