MongoDB Email verification works

I’ve setup a custom Mongo database to house the user objects. To test the verification, from the dashboard I’ll click Authentication → Database → (select my Mongo DB) → Custom Database → in Database Action scripts select “Verify” → save & try.

I’ll then type in the user email address, and it will say that it verified the email. But when I go click on the user management tab, the email still says it’s “pending”, so… I’m assuming the email isn’t actually verified?

When I create a user through the react front end, I get the email verification, and when I click the email verification link I get an error: “Error. User account does not exist or the verification code is invalid”.

But when I go check the mongo DB the email_verified has been switched to true.

Any ideas what to do here? Is it verified or not? The mongo db says the email is verified, but the “user management” users area says the email is pending.

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could you resolve it?

Nope. Still stuck. sorry.

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