useAuth0.isAuthenticathed result is always false even after correctly returning the token(auth0-react version1.1.0 )

Hi There,

Using auth0-react version1.1.0, I’m able to authenticate the user and return back the token object
However the value of the useAuth0().isAuthenticathed() returns always false.
Also useAuth0().user is empty
For this SDK, do I have to capture the token and modify by myself the values of useAuth0() or do I need to make other calls to Auth0 ?


The issue was that I had selected HS256, which is a symmetric signature algorithm. With HS256 useAuth0 will not populate and use all parameters instead we have to do it ourselves. Once I changed to RS256 everything was ok. But this asymmetric signature algorithm and verification will need to do be done with a certificate

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