useAuth0() call is much slower in an inactive browser tab

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  • Which SDK this is regarding: auth0-react
  • SDK Version: 1.11.0

I am using the React SDK and calling useAuth0() to check if the user is authenticated and calling loginWithRedirect if the user is not authenticated:

    const { isLoading, isAuthenticated, loginWithRedirect } = useAuth0();

    if (isLoading) {
        return <div class="p-4">Loading...</div>;

    if (!isAuthenticated) {
            appState: {
                targetUrl: window.location.href

This is working fine but I have noticed that the call to useAuth0() seems to take a lot longer when the browser tab is inactive, i.e. if you open a link in a new browser tab, the call takes around 2-3x longer if the tab is inactive compared to when you click into the tab to activate it.

Any idea why this would be happening?