Delay at each private route change on react

Hello to all,

I am new to Auth0, and trying the sdk react I find the response of “isAuthenticated” very slow. For the API everything is very very fast and perfect but on the front end the response time surprises me. I followed the docs, visited all the github repo related to react + auth0 but everyone uses it classically with this delay.

I have a public route and the application is composed of private routes. At each refresh or change of private route I have almost 1 second of “loading…” before I get the answer if the user is authenticated or not and who he is.

Do you have any best practices to reduce this time, I haven’t found any updated docs on the possibility to add the user in a contextual hook to potentially reduce this time.

Thanks in advance! Good day to all

P.S. This is not a “complaint”, I think the problem is on my side and there are optimizations but I can’t find them.