Use of connection metadata in rules

I’m currently trying to solve the problem of associating a unique identifier from my application with each of my samlp enterprise connections. I currently store a stringified JSON object in one of the rule configs in my tenant, then retrieve and parse it during rule execution. This works but doesn’t scale well and requires a full replacement of all mapped identifiers.

I recently noticed the management API documentation shows the option of setting metadata on connections, but it is not well documented and I’m not sure if I can rely on it for this reason. The rule context object documentation also shows the metadata accessible as context.connectionMetadata, but does not go into detail.

I’ve done a quick test in my test tenant and it appears the connection metadata would be a suitable solution for my problem. Is this feature stable enough for production usage? Does it just need additional documentation?

That feature is a production feature so you may use it if you are fine with the current constraints, in particular, you can only manage that metadata through the API (there’s no support on the Auth0 dashboard).

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