Use MFAs TOTP key always from external database


I use automatic migration described in the following link: automatic-migration
At stage where I’m with my project I’m trying to introduce functionality to use TOTP key for users from my database each time he tries to login.
The problem which I encounter is that without enabling “Import users to Auth0” toggle my script behaves like TOTP key wasn’t provided and it wants me to scan new QR code.
At the other side when I toggle it then TOTP is used and codes generated by google auth work for that user, but its getting saved at auth0 side and don’t ask my API for this user anymore, but I want it to ask my API and database each time user tries to login.
Is there any other way to make TOTP key from external DB working and don’t save (or don’t use) users at auth0 side?

Regards Konrad