Usage of node and Passport

hello - this is my very first question as a paying customer!

when i look at the node example, i see Node-Passport is used. indeed, when i look at the Node-Passport website (unsecured!) i even see the Auth0 as a sponsor.

however, when we look at the GitHub activity for passport, i see virtually no recent activity regarding passport, which leads me to think that passport is not actively maintained anymore.

recently i have started using Grant since my own favorite framework, FeathersJS, has discontinued passport in favor of Grant.

i was able to quickly take one of the Grant examples, and make a couple of easy modifications to the sample code to use with Auth0 and it worked first time (now THAT is scary i tell you).

Would Auth0 consider another node example using Grant in addition to Passport? I am considering creating a Grant GitHub pull request where Auth0 is used in an example along with Google and Facebook.

Please share your thoughts before I put the effort into it.

NOTE: i became a paying customer not because I needed the extra features, but rather because i felt guilty using something as awesome as Auth0 without paying for it. :grin:

Hey there @edwardsmarkff!

I can reach out to the team responsible for quickstarts and samples and see whether they have such plans on their roadmap. Will let you know soon

at least we have this issue solved: Using node-grant FeathersJS to logout

i REALLY hope Auth0 gets a cookbook going. between these various difficult issues i have encountered and hired help with regarding node as well as PHP(!), i believe these solutions should be readily available on your website.

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Thanks for providing that feedback. I’ll relay it to the appropriate team!

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