Updating user profile with the auth0_flutter SDK

first, I wan’t to say thanks for creating the auth0_flutter SDK, it’s been really easy to set up auth0 in Flutter thanks to that.
I have a question though. I am creating a mobile app with Flutter, and I need to get the user’s year of birth and gender. When the user signs up using an outside provider like Google, the information I need is supplied via his google account. However, if he signs up with just email and password, I still need to additionally request the missing pieces. I do so by just showing him a short form inside the app to fill out.
I understand that I can save this data in user_metadata and update it with the Management API. But I also found out that the Credentials.User object from the auth0_flutter SDK has properties for data that I need (birth date, gender, …). So, is there a way, instead of saving that information in user_metadata, to change it in the Credentials.User object and then somehow synchronize it with the Auth0 database?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @Honza welcome to the community and thank you for the kind words :smile:

I do not think this is possible, and believe your current approach using the Management API is the best way to go about this.


Thanks for the feedback :wink:

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