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Update User in Admin Forbidden message pops up

I have a one Auth0 database where all my users are stored. Some users can be updated in the Admin tool, and some users cannot. I am getting a “Forbidden” pop up for some users. I haven’t been able to figure out any similarities between the users I can’t update. I have All Applications Admin access, and am the primary admin in Auth0. I can’t find a solution anywhere on the blogs.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there @dina.kovar, I’d be happy to help in this matter. If you could please DM me a couple example email accounts, any related log data, and the tenant name it should be able to give us a good start in narrowing down what may be occurring. Thanks!

After talking with support, they were able to give me feedback that the suggested solution would be to log out of the dashboard and log back in. This is due your token (which is internal) may be cached. Reapplying the login process, would deliver a fresh token to work with. Please let me know if this helps in your use case.

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