Update text on Universal Login


How do you update the text on the New Universal Login?
From the Dashboard -> Universal Login I’ve selected the “New” option and set some colors.
I have a SPA Application that connects to an API using the react-spa SDK.

My attached screenshot shows what the login screen looks like. The text says "Log in to the to continue to the " which isn’t super helpful for my use case so I’d like to update it.


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There is no options for now to customise the text in new UL for now. It was designed the way that it is way more lightweight than the classic UL and it doesn’t have so many customisation possibilities BUT :slight_smile: there’s gonna be a text API for that for you to use really really soon :slight_smile:

There you go:


Oh cool, that was indeed really really soon. Thank you!

No worries! We’re here for you!