Update scopes in Apple social Connection

Problem statement

We cannot update the Apple social connection’s scopes. We passed the following payload to this endpoint, and it never updates the scopes.

"options": {
"kid": "something",
"team_id": "something",
"client_id": "something",
"app_secret": "something",
"scope": ["email", "name"]
"is_domain_connection": false,
"enabled_clients": [ ]


To update the Apple Social Connection Scopes, we should add some flags to the payload because those scopes are handled as flags, not as “scopes”.

That way to handle apple social connections scopes for both creating and updating this kind of social connection is:

  "options": {
    "client_id": "<clientID>",
    "name": true,
    "email": true
  "is_domain_connection": <boolean>,
  "enabled_clients": [
<enabled clients>

By doing so with name and email flags, you would be checking or unchecking the scopes for the Apple connections.