`workflow` scope not available in Github social connection permissions

Hello, I’m looking to enable the workflow scope, but it’s not available as an option in the GitHub social connection permissions. Can the UI be updated to account for new scopes? Or is there a recommended way to add custom scopes?

For situations where the settings of a social connection does not explicitly list the desired scope although the social provider should support that scope, you may want to try the approach detailed at (https://auth0.com/docs/connections/adding-scopes-for-an-external-idp#2-pass-scopes-to-authorize-endpoint). This consists of ensuring a specific parameter (connection_scope) is included in the initial request to the /authorize endpoint; this should then cause the passed scopes to be requested to the social provider even though they were not set at the connection settings level.

@jmangelo thanks so much, this helps! Two questions:

  • If I pass a specific parameter via connection_scope, does it append to the ones set in the UI, or override them?
  • We allow social logins via GitHub as well as username/password logins. Will setting a GitHub-specific connection_scope on /authorize interfere with users who are authenticating via username/password?

I tested this with a Google social connection as I don’t have a GitHub one, but the logic should be equivalent and passing the parameter will cause the scopes to be appended to the ones set in the UI. Passing the parameter won’t impact username/password users; the only possible caveat if you always pass that parameter is if there’s multiple social connections for the end-user to choose from which in that case whatever you pass as value will be appended independently of the connection.