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Unknown server error in gitlab deployment extension



I am trying to work with the gitlab deployment extension ( but it does not seem to be working at the moment. I have set up the gitlab repository with the correct webhook but I only get an empty response with the following headers:

**Server:** webtask
**X-Wt-Response-Source:** webtask
**X-Auth0-Proxy-Stats:** {"proxy_host":"","proxy_pid":78,"container_id":"e7171cf6-8d1b-4f58-89b4-8ea9552c84e6","latency":2430,"uptime":61870.504,"memory":{"rss":99897344,"heapTotal":67899392,"heapUsed":42064120,"external":19857948},"req_id":"1537954714562.95745"}
**X-Wt-Request-Id:** 1537954714562.95745
**X-Powered-By:** Express
**X-Auth0-Stats:** {"worker_pid":7,"response":{"201":1},"time":1328,"uptime":85.486,"memory":{"rss":85704704,"heapTotal":73777152,"heapUsed":35200296,"external":679198}}
**Date:** Wed, 26 Sep 2018 09:38:36 GMT
**Content-Length:** 0
**Connection:** close

The body itself is empty, and if I try to click on the Deploy button of the web interface of the Gitlab extension plugin I get the following error:

Oh snap! An error occurred while running the deployment: Unknown Server Error

Is there a way to debug the extension? I don’t see any logs anywhere, the only thing I have configured in the repository are the following rules:

function (user, context, callback) {
        console.log(JSON.stringify({ user: user, context: context }, null, 2));
        callback(null, user, context);

        "enabled": true,
        "order": 5

        "enabled": false,
        "order": 1

They are all seen as examples in the official example repository

Can someone help me debug this? can I see logs? can I ask for support to auth0 on this?

Thanks in advance