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We’re testing the gitlab extension for auto deployment. We can actually deploy manually with the “Deploy” button Under the “Deployments” pannel. But the webhook trigger doesn’t work well.

Indeed, when we configure the extension to listen to the master branch, observed with the auth0 log,
the push event will first trigger a call to “debug: Getting access token for xxxxxxxxxxxx/”, before calling “POST /ea4b1d92d987b09dda548b62d02952ca/api/deployments” for update.

But while listening to other branches such as develop or staging (existing branches created under gitlab), no get token call is invoked, but directly a post " info: POST /xxxxx/webhooks/deploy 202 108.166 ms - 65", and then, nothing happens later.

Any ideas ?




Hey there @ayuan19841021!

It would be great if you can provide me with your tenant name in a private message so I can investigate it further! Have you checked twice if you’ve followed everything from our GitLab Deployments doc the right way?

Provide me with the tenant name and I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:


message sent.


Hello everyone!

Thanks to @ayuan19841021 investigation it turned out that the potential reason was the initial GitLab repository which they created/imported from their existing Bitbucket repository, which configuration might have been set wrong while configuring.

The solution that @ayuan19841021used was simply re-creating the GitLab from an empty one

Thank you!


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