Universal login - Sing up with phone number form and after that email and pass form

Is it possible to have a Universal login form in which for SIGN UP form there will be first form for user to enter a phone number after he will receive otp and after successfully validation of otp to show user a sign up form with password and username fields and after that to create user in Database connection?

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Probably not that exact flow…but there are alternatives.

You could have a signup form that requests an email/pw and a phone number using additional signup fields, then verify the phone number in a rule.

You could have an email/pw account and a passwordless sms account that is linked via account linking. You should be able to force a user to have two accounts in a rule. I would have to look into this further.

You can also force mfa in a rule, and make it a sms mfa. (this is probably the most straightforward.)

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Dan, thanks for quick response.

If I enable MFA that extra phone number step is only for Login but I need it for Sign-up before email and pass step.
I connected Auth0 account with Twillio message service, Is it possible to have phone number form in Sign-up form first and after receiving and verifying Otp to sign-up with email and password?
That is desired flow.

There isn’t going to be a straightforward way to do that, but you could have the two accounts linked with the account linking feature that I mentioned above, and you should be able to use a rule to force the use to have the two accounts. It may be a bit of a workaround though…

If you have some flexibility, you could have the use sign up for an email/pw account, then have them verify phone number in a redirect rule.

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