Universal login page not redirecting to app when logged in on another tab

We have discovered an issue when logging in in multiple tabs, with multiple applications on the same connection (SSO).


  1. User goes to Auth0 Universal login page by redirecting from App A but does not complete the login
  2. On a second tab in the same browser, user navigates to Auth0 Universal login page from App B.
  3. User completes the login on App B and is redirected back to the app correctly.
  4. User goes back to login tab for App A but it is still on login screen. User refreshes page but is still on login screen.

At this point the expectation is that Auth0 would recognize the login status of the common authentication and redirect back to App A.

  1. On a new tab, user navigates to App A again and presses the Login button. User is redirected to Auth0 Login and immediately back to App A dashboard as expected because they are already logged in. The other tab is still stuck on the Auth0 login page.

Is this an expected behaviour? We were hoping that it would recognize the logged in user and redirect automatically.

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