Universal login page layout changes have no effect


the page layout setting in Universal Login Customization -> Page background seems to have no effect. I’m trying to align the login box to the left, but it always stays in the center regardless of the Page Layout setting.

Hi @Sekai ,

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I tested by changing the page layout to left → click “Save and Publish” → click “Try”, and it shows the login page on the left of the screen.

If this is not the steps you followed, could you provide more additional details? Thanks!


I followed the exact same steps.

It does show correctly on the left side in the configuration page, but when I click “Try”, it will still be in the center in the preview.

I played around with it again. If I use the default domain provided by Auth0 for the login screen, then it works, but if I direct my application to the custom domain configured in the Tenant Settings, then it won’t work.

Hi @Sekai ,

Thank you for sharing additional findings.

I could repeat the same with the custom domain enabled. To confirm this observation, I have reached out to our internal team and will keep you updated once hearing from them. Please stay tuned!

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