Universal Login could support a better onboarding experience with a Sign Up mode

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We also desperately need this feature. Can’t use Lock because of the cross-domain issues and the limitation of one domain per tenant.
It would help if someone could tell us

  • how to know whether we are using the classic or new universal login
  • how to switch to classic if we’re using universal
  • how to directly bring up the signup screen in classic.
    Various things seem to indicate that it CAN be done with Universal Classic, but so far nothing I’ve found clearly explains HOW.
    Our current state is that we have implemented what I think is some form of Universal login by following the getting started tutorial for a React SPA.

Could someone point us to the place where we should vote for this feature?

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Thank you very much for considering a workaround to speed up things. Please let us know if you finally add it to your roadmap or any other update.

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The spec is designed to help; not to hurt. i’m absolutely sure the spec developers don’t intend for you to create an absolute train wreck of an onboarding experience for countless users. The spec recognizes there’s a bit of complexity here which should be carefully considered, which may be why they are intentionally vague. No one is stopping you from implementing a solution except your own lack of will.

We’re attempting to migrate thousands of customers to a rewrite of our application, but since we can’t send them to a SIGN UP form, many users try to login to the new system with their old credentials. We trusted Auth0 but it was a mistake. Our migration has been nightmare for our users, engineers, and customer support team because you refuse to make this fundamental and necessary feature a priority.

You can do this with a little workaround using the Classic Universal Login.

Turn on “Customize Login Page”, then replace lock.show() with this snippet.

    const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);
    let initialScreen = urlParams.get('initialScreen'); // get the query param 'initialScreen'; you can change this any time
    initialScreen = initialScreen === 'signUp' ? 'signUp' : 'login'; // if not explicitly 'signUp', default to login
    document.title = (initialScreen === 'signUp' ? 'Sign Up' : 'Log In') + ' | Brand Name'; // dynamically set page title
    lock.show({ initialScreen }); // open the lock with the initial screen

This way you don’t need to completely switch away from Universal Login. Just need to use “Classic” Universal Login, and not the “New” Universal Login.

(Disclaimer: may work with the new one too, have not tried as my app is using classic! YMMV.)

Then, when you want to sign up/log in just include a query param &initialScreen= at the end:

  • To sign up, set it to signUp
  • To log in, set it to login or don’t send it.
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Thanks for sharing this workaround @simpleauthority!

@maxhodges0 we are actually implementing this. We expect it would be live in 2 weeks or so.

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Thanks a lot for the headsup @andres.aguiar!

Please clarify if I understand correctly - are you implementing “this” the feature discussed (default to SignUp view) or something else, related to RFC?

We are building a new product and this issue is very hurting. We cannot use the new XP without this feature.


Hi @sasha.sochka,

We are building a feature that will let you specify screen_hint=signup in the /authorize parameters and will default to the Signup page when using the New Universal Login Experience



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Does that include support in the auth0-spa lib, to hide that implementation detail (e.g. a new method similar to loginWithPopup, maybe signupWithPopup? or a parameter/option in existing methods).

Yes, you’ll be able to specify that parameter in Auth0ClientOptions https://auth0.github.io/auth0-spa-js/interfaces/auth0clientoptions.html



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Thanks for letting us know @andres.aguiar!

This enhancement has been released, you can read more about it here https://auth0.com/docs/universal-login/new#signup

Thanks @sasha.sochka, @simpleauthority, @maxhodges0, @FDX, @john_thomson, @oskar.ahlroth for the feedback and patience.




Thanks a lot for the heads-up Andres!

Can we use it from auth0-spa-js API?
UPD: confirming it worked with
await auth0!.loginWithPopup({screen_hint: "signup"});

Great! thank you. We are very pleased that you were able to make this a priority.

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We’re here for you Max!

@konrad.sopala @sasha.sochka
I tried using it with import createAuth0Client from '@auth0/auth0-spa-js'; but mine still directs to the login tab.

async signup() {
  await this.auth0.loginWithRedirect({screen_hint: "signup"});

Is there other code that I need to include somewhere else?

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