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Universal login between two website


I am trying to lean the Auth0.

I have a wordPpress website ( localhost/wplab) and another is 00-Starter-Seed

In wordPpress i installed the Auth0 plugin.

I configure the plugin able to login and user are created perfectly.

But i want the universal login so that a user don’t need to login to another website ( currently 00-Starter-Seed ), but not able to authenticate the user to different websites.

Thank You.


Hey there @saurabh.ranjan! There is this Auth0 Wordpress configuration doc that will shed some light on the advance Wordpress configuration process for your app.

I also found this Wordpress Single Sign On article you may be interested in as well.

Let me know if you have any questions and I’d be happy to help!


I wanted to follow up with you @saurabh.ranjan and see if that helped answer your question? Thanks in advance!


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