Universal Login and Organizations

Hey guys. In my use case, a user can belong to one or more organizations and access one or more applications (front-end, APIs, etc). After login, I need to list the organizations and/or applications he can access. What is the recommended strategy?

Hello @sergio.ferraz welcome to the community!

We just released the ability to implement an organization picker through Universal login which may suite your needs - You can find the documentation here:

Let us know if that’s what you’re looking for!

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Thanks for the reply. I checked that the flow is the same. But, how does the user select the application he wants to follow? Assuming I have 2 or more…

I’m using the express-openid-connect SDK. I believe it is necessary to create a list of applications which the user can select to follow. I’m not sure about this flow yet.

Hey @sergio.ferraz thanks for clarifying!

Are the applications a user can follow registered in Auth0 or do they exist outside of the context of Auth0? Which application are they logging in to to begin with? Once the user establishes a session with Auth0 an application should be able to check for an existing session and log a user in (SSO). Either way this is outside of the context of Universal Login and would need to be handled by your app and subsequent applications.

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Thank you again.
Yes, the apps are in the context of Auth0. I’m creating an application, using node with express-openid-connect. Once the Auth0 session is created, I need to display the organizations (Universal Login already displays this, but it sucks when there are too many) and applications that the user has access to (SPA and Asp.Net currently) - via Management API I believe .
I believe this is the way forward.