Universal login and multiple SAML idp

Hello, our mobile application (React Native) offers several login methods: Google, Apple, Auth0 and a SAML connection made of 8 possible identity providers (at the moment).
In order to avoid a 10 buttons login page I was thinking about collapsing the saml authentication in a single button and then redirect to a page with the list of the idps.
Is there any best practice for my use case? Should I re-implement a completely custom login page or there is some some way to embed a custom “SAML login” button and redirect to a “idp list” page?

Thanks in advice

Hi @emanuele - for this use case we normally recommend to use Home Realm Discovery, this way you can map the user’s entered email domain to a particular IdP, so when they click login it takes them to the right external IdP login page.
Please see below for some guidance for the New Universal Login’s “Identifier First” option, and Classic Universal Login’s (Lock) options respectively:

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