Unexpected NameID in SAML Response when user is from domain that connected by ad-ldap connector

I have on-premise active directory domain with installed auth0 connector and application with SAML authentication in auth0 tenant. And my problem is that I get in SAML Response NameId section in next format:
<saml:NameID Format=“urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified”>ad|[domainname]|[userPrincipalName]</saml:NameID>
But I need to get only userPrincipalName without additional information like domain name and connector type! How I can achieve that?

Profiler map:
module.exports = function (raw_data) {
var profile = {
id: raw_data[‘userPrincipalName’],
displayName: raw_data.displayName,
name: {
familyName: raw_data.sn,
givenName: raw_data.givenName
nickname: raw_data[‘userPrincipalName’],
groups: raw_data[‘groups’],
emails: (raw_data.mail ? [{value: raw_data.mail }] : undefined)

profile[‘dn’] = raw_data[‘dn’];
profile[‘st’] = raw_data[‘st’];
profile[‘description’] = raw_data[‘description’];
profile[‘postalCode’] = raw_data[‘postalCode’];
profile[‘telephoneNumber’] = raw_data[‘telephoneNumber’];
profile[‘distinguishedName’] = raw_data[‘distinguishedName’];
profile[‘co’] = raw_data[‘co’];
profile[‘department’] = raw_data[‘department’];
profile[‘company’] = raw_data[‘company’];
profile[‘mailNickname’] = raw_data[‘mailNickname’];
profile[‘sAMAccountName’] = raw_data[‘sAMAccountName’];
profile[‘sAMAccountType’] = raw_data[‘sAMAccountType’];
profile[‘userPrincipalName’] = raw_data[‘userPrincipalName’];
profile[‘manager’] = raw_data[‘manager’];
profile[‘organizationUnits’] = raw_data[‘organizationUnits’];

return profile;

SAML Settings:
“mappings”: {
“user_id”: “http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/upn
“nameIdentifierProbes”: [

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