Understand Auth0 CLI --export_ids parameter


I need to clearly understand the purpose of the --export_ids when its used with the export command of the CLI. And what it implies when the ids are present when I make an import of the tenant’s configuration.
I have seen in the history of CLI that this function was initially implicit and then became explicit.

In which case have we the need to use this parameter?
Am I totally safe if I dont use this option in a CI/CD flow?

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the --export_ids option is useful if you want to export a copy of your tenant configuration with the IDs for clients, rules, and hooks etc.

For doing exports and deployments to different tenants you would not want to export the ids.

There is a comment about this in our Directory Example Readme:

The config value `AUTH0_EXPORT_IDENTIFIERS: true` (or `--export_ids` option) can be used to export the identifier fields to the Auth0 objects. 
This means you won't be able to import these objects as the tool cannot find the existing objects by their id.

From this page:

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Hello Marcus and thanks for this informations!

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