Unauthorized Facebook Graph API request

So the user authenticates with my site through Auth0.> Facebook.
I then try to publish to their FB feed but get
message:“(#200) The user hasn’t authorized the application to perform this action”
type : “OAuthException”

My process is to get the Auth0 access token from the management API:

I extract the IDP access token, having previously set the required publish_actions user permissions:

But still get the aforementioned error. what am I missing here? Is it because the Auth0 access token from the management API was requested and cached previous to me setting the permissions perhaps?

Thanks for any help…

If the user hasn’t logged in since you updated the permissions, the access_token in the user profile won’t have the new permissions. Can you try logging in with the user and check the new access_token.

thanks for the response.
Logged in with the test user again with a new Auth0 access token from the management API and a new Facebook access token and still getting the same error.