Unable to login with password using Auth0-java

I’m trying to login users with password using Auth0-java using a machine to machine application. I followed “Log In with Password - /oauth/token” from “https://github.com/auth0/Auth0-java”. Here is the snippet of code:

    AuthAPI auth = new AuthAPI("{MY-ACCOUNT}.auth0.com",

    AuthRequest request = auth.login(email, password)
        .setScope("openid contacts");

        TokenHolder holder = request.execute();

I get the following exception:

com.auth0.exception.APIException: Request failed with status code 400: invalid audience specified for password grant exchange

I’m not sure what the audience is supposed to be. In the example on the library’s doc is “https://api.me.auth0.com/users”. Any ideas what could be wrong ?


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It sounds like there may be some misunderstandings here. A machine to machine connection inherently has no users. It should not include a username/email and password. That may be configured incorrectly in the dashboard.

The audience parameter is the intended audience of the token, typically a custom api that you are trying to secure, or an auth0 API like the /userinfo endpoint. You can find the the identifier will be set when you register your API.

Does this help?

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