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Requests failed with status 403



I set up usernames and passwords and everything was working smoothly with Username-password authentication. We use authentication from the java library.

Recently, we tried to log in and things stopped working with no changes on our side. We tried resetting the password, but that does not seem to work either. We are getting:
“com.auth0.exception.APIException: Request failed with status code 403: Wrong email or password.”

Did something change / break on the Auth0 side?


I’m not aware of any change that could possible trigger such behavior. In relation to the password reset assuming it was the email-based flow you may want to update the question with where/how did it not work. As an alternative, if you haven’t done so already you can go to the user profile of the end-user in the Auth0 Dashboard and perform an administrative change password (you would then need to communicate the new password to the end-user).

An additional note, if the end-users are associated with custom database connections also ensure that there are no issues with the custom script or any temporary glitch with the underlying custom database store that could possibly explain the situation.