Unable to login to auth0 dashboard using email

i am unable to login on Auth0 Dashboard with my account when i enter email in login field and enter my password instead of taking me to dashboard it is sending me back to the login options i ahve work dependency on hold due to this issue please resolve as soon as possible

email : aqibmaroof786@gmail.com

Hi @aqibmaroof786 , thank you for posting.

When you are sent back to choose the login options, do you also see a button “Try another method”? If yes, can you please choose TOTP (One-time code) option? This is the MFA factor you have configured for your older Auth0 tenant.

Since February, Auth0 enforce all customers to use MFA to follow best security standards. There have been communications on this before.

Please let me know if you were able to log in this way!

it sends me to this screen and i dont see any options you are saying

please check here and telll me what to do

Alright, thank you for further information.

I have created an internal support ticket with priority on your behalf to start the access recovery process. You will be contacted by a support agent soon.

Thank you for your patience!

and one more issue is encountered is that after some tries sometimes its loged in successfully but the login state is not maintained its logging me out after 10 to 15 mins of loged in state

@marcelina.barycka have your team checked about our issue ?

@aqibmaroof786 ,

I understand you are able to log in to the tenant but only after several attempts and you are automatically logged out after 10 or 15 minutes.

As I can not reproduce it in my Auth0 dashboard, let me please ask some questions -
Is your affected tenant granted the Teams feature access?
If yes, does the security police enforce log in via SSO?

You can refer to the doc on it - Configure Security Policies

@marcelina.barycka please check and fix please

Dear @aqibmaroof786 ,

Thank you for following up and your patience!

I would like to reassure you our Support Team is doing their best to prioritize all access recovery requests, regardless of subscription plan. As mentioned before, you will be contacted by our support agent as soon as it’s possible to address you access issue individually.