Unable to fetch email address using weibo social provider

Configured Weibo social provider with Auth0. It returns some of the user profile attributes but unable to fetch user email address. As per weibo application documentation weibo support to provide email address. I searched this issue with Google and got link: android - Unable to fetch an email in Weibo - Stack Overflow

Which tells that email endpoint is not available anymore.
But as per Auth0 documentation - User need to call weibo APis to get email address but doesn’t have more information about how exactly it will work.

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Check that SO thread you linked, if it’s true it seems like this one is not available from around '17. Can you tell me which doc of Auth0 you use cause it maybe needs updating?

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Hello konrad.sopala
Try to configure weibo social provider. You will see email option.

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PFA of image. which shows email attribute at the time of weibo configuration.
Could you please provide your view on above issue.

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Hey there @konrad.sopala

Could you please provide your view on above issue.
As I mentioned above both weibo documentation and auth0 configuration steps, it shows email as one of the response attribute.