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Unable to do Automatic setup



I installed Auth0 plugin in my Wordpress site and trying to do Automatic Setup for Enterprise Login.

It is throwing the error as follows:

invalid_request: Failed to fetch configuration from: http://IP/mimx1/.well-known/oauth2-client-configuration

How can I resolve this issue ?


The automatic configuration means the Wordpress installation needs to be reachable from the Internet, more specifically, it should have a public IP address associated with it and must not be behind a firewall that could restrict connectivity from Auth0 service to the Wordpress installation.

You redacted the IP address/hostname information in the information you posted so the above it’s just an hint. However, if that is the situation you may need to perform a manual configuration instead of relying in the automatic configuration.


Did you manage to resolve this? I’ve same issue?
I can see that my .wellknown is resolving but get this error :

invalid_request: Failed to fetch configuration from:

I’ve tried to do it manually but that fails to due to never being able to insert a valid Client Id (even though I copy it from the client).