Unable to Configure SSO for Litmos

Hi Experts!

Im struggling to configure SSO for Litmos and wondered if anyone has any advice… Ive tried following the document Configure Litmos as SAML Service Provider but it doesn’t seem to tally up the documentation on Litmos side…

Litmos Configuration

On the Litmos side I need to complete the following :

  1. IdP Login URL which I have as https://my-tenant.eu.auth0.com/samlp/OAbdp4zysO7nriAwhFcbGi6gPHn8GkfW from the Usage Tab on the Addons page (is this correct?)

  2. SAML Metadata - which I have downloaded from Identity Provider Metadata also on the Usage Tab on the Addons Page (is this correct?)

  3. There are two check boxes 1) Verify assertion signature and 2) Verify assertion encryption - do these need to be checked?

  4. There is also a SAML endpoint for litmos :

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  • do I need to enter this anywhere in the Auth0 application?

From the above details please can someone advise on what to enter into the Auth0 application?

For example

  1. What do I place into the Application Call Back URL in the Settings Tab on the Addon view? Is it

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  1. What do I put in the Settings window of the Settings Tab the Addon view?

  2. What do I need to complete on the Settings view of the application:
    Application Login URI
    Allowed CallBack URLs
    Allowed Logout URLs
    Allowed Web Origins

Any advice is greatly appreciated

Thanks so much

Here’s a link to the Litmos Documentation. It’s pretty thorough. https://help.sap.com/doc/59dbe1a305b341099c6ba4aa4d22da74/cloud/en-US/SAP%20Litmos%20Help%20Articles%20for%20Integrations.pdf

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Thanks for sharing that @campbellwormald !

Thanks @campbellwormald … Ive followed the instructions but still no luck.

If possible could you please take a look at the attached screenshots.

The first is from the Litmos integration and Im not sure if Points 1,2 and 3 are correctly selected

Also, from the second screenshot (from my Auth0 application) can you advise on how to complete these settings?

Is the callback URL the SAML Endpoint from the Litmos configuration and secondly, what should go in the Settings window?

Thanks for any advice in advance - its really appreciated.


Hey Conrad - I’m a bit out of my depth now.
Your best bet is to get onto SAP Litmos support.
Your company(or whoever has the Litmos Instance) should have an account in Launchpad and be able to raise a ticket.

Apologies I couldn’t help you further.