Tyk interaction issue

Hi! I’m trying to setup my Auth0 api integration with Tyk. Used this manual: Integrate Tyk with Auth0 - Tyk API Gateway
At first I’ve created custom API (Machine to machine app) in my Auth0 account and set up everything it requires.
Then Set up Authorization at the Tyk’s side: Select “Open ID Connect”, set Issuer (Auth0 App domain URL), Client id and set policy. But when tried to debug request with Tyk’s debug tool, I got 401 and In the trace I got the following error:

Could someone please hint me, what could be a problem? Probably someone already encountered that. Thanks.

Could you please chare with me the bearer you were using (access_token or ud_token)? was its “aud” claim the same as the cliend_id you have defined in Tyk? i