Twitter auth no longer works

Ah I’m seeing now that “Application” is N/A in the logs for some reason

client_id is set correctly, I don’t understand why it’s showing “N/A” now, it shows the app name correctly for my GitHub connection.

oh wow ok, so I guess I had my app’s endpoint as a callback url back in the day instead of my “…”, Twitter must have changed something on their end since it has worked for a year haha.

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i’m using twitter oauth with multiple domains. all of those stopped working today as i was overriding the callback-url.

it’s possible to provide up to 10 different callback urls in the app settings, but that’s not enough for my usecase.

i have not seen any anouncement on this change or if it’s even supposed to have changed…

Twitter has begun enforcing whitelisting of callbacks - for more info:


Thanks. Its still not working for me though…

I have my app set up as they request , ie:

“Enable the setting “Enable Callback Locking” to test that only URLs you have whitelisted are accepted.
Callback URLs will automatically be locked and the whitelist will be enforced starting on June 12th. The “Enable Callback Locking” setting will be removed on this date.”

My call back urls are local during the test phase of my app, ie:

However, I’m still getting the message that Access is denied because Call back is not approved.

Any others with this issue?

Can you verify that you’re using the full callback url, i.e. and not just the

Ok, I did not realize it had to be Does it have to be https by the way? I am not on a secure connection at this point…

I am assuming? You may have to give it a go

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Sorry, that doesn’t do it for me. I tried all variations: with https, without, with an IP address instead of localhost, and I get the same error message that the call back is not approved.

OK so an update.

When I enter the same call back URLs in my Auth0 call back settings, ie, "https://localhost:3000/login/callback ", I AM able to go through and get another page at authorize BUT I get this message: " Callback URL mismatch.
The URL “http://localhost:3000” is not in the list of allowed callback URLs.
Please go to the Application Settings page and make sure you are sending a valid callback url from your application. "

I wish I could add a screen shot of my app settings but it doesnt seem I can.

Just to be more specific, these are my Call Backs in the Twitter app settings:


These are my settings in Auth0 Allowed Call Back URLs:

_https://localhost:3000/login/callback , http://localhost:3000/login/callback_

Thanks for your help,

Here’s how the authentication flow works:

  1. Your app (ie, running in localhost) sends a request to including the redirect URI that Auth0 should call once the Twitter authentication is successful
  2. Auth0 then sends a request to Twitter so your user can authenticate with their Twitter account. The callback that Auth0 passes to Twitter in the querystring is
  3. Twitter now validates that the that received from Auth0 is in the callback URL whitelist
  4. If URL is in the whitelist, prompts the user to authenticate and authorize the app. If not, will return the error that you’re seeing
  5. After the user authenticates and authorize the Twitter application, Twitter will redirect to the callback URL
  6. This redirect silently sends your user back to your application by calling the redirect URI

This means that the callback URL that you have to whitelist in your Twitter application is If you’re using a custom domain in Auth0, then also add


Thanks so much… So to be more specific, in my case, the URL I have to white list in Twiter is actually: ?
I just signed up for a custom domain by the way, but stil need to implement it.

So I tried implementing this in Twitter and setting my Call backs to this, with and without https:

And I still get this message, which makes no sense since I removed that call back URL from all possible locations (on Auth0 and Twitter) a couple days ago!

The URL “http://localhost:3000/” is not in the list of allowed callback URLs.

I feel like its not registering my new call back URLs since 2 days. :-/

Could it be in the underlying code managing lock somehow?

At one point as I was debugging, I had added the option :
{auth:{redirectUrl:‘http://localhost:3000/login/callback’}} to
this.lock = new Auth0Lock(
but removed it since. Is it engraved in digital stone somewhere?? :wink:

The redirectUrl is what Auth0 uses to call your application back, but it’s not what Auth0 passes to Twitter.

I checked your logs and you actually had two separate problems.

At first you were getting the following error:

Callback URL not approved for this client application. Approved callback URLs can be adjusted in your application settings

This was fixed once you added the correct callback URL to your Twitter app configuration:

The error that you get now is:

Callback URL mismatch. http://localhost:3000/ is not in the list of allowed callback URLs

This comes from Auth0, and means that you haven’t added your SPA application’s callback URL to your Auth0 application, similarly to what you did with your Twitter app.

  1. You need to go to your Auth0 Applications list
  2. Click the Application that you want to configure
  3. Go to the Allowed Callback URLs field, and add http://localhost:3000/

Thanks. That was my initial setting too! I’m not getting an error message you’re right, but am retruning to the same page with the " log in with twitter " activated. Is it on my end I need to do something to show the user’s twitter handle and indicate they’re authenticated?

This probably has to do with the way your app is handling the token that’s being returned after a successful authentication. Have you been following a particular guide/tutorial?