Twitch user:edit scope

I’m using the Twitch connection but unfortunately it locks the user:edit scope.
I’m not using this scope and it alarms my users that I’m getting this permissions for their accounts.
Any way to bypass this other than creating a new custom social connection?

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Hi @noobpanda,

It looks like you would have to set up a custom connection…but it’s odd, I don’t see a user:read option available in the Twitch API docs. All of the user:read scopes are for specific resources like email or follows. Even in their example they user the user:edit scope. This might explain why we used this as the default.

Are you seeing a simple read-only scope (i.e. user:read) for the user in the token?

Hey @dan.woda
Yeah I found it odd as well. The Twitch social connection is pretty shaky.
Any chance it’s open sourced? I’d be happy to contribute.

Thank you for looking into it!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look it. Are you seeing a simple read-only scope (i.e. user:read ) for the user in the token from twitch?

No. I’m seeing user:edit user:read:email.
I’m trying to keep it lean as user:read:email.