Trying to use the "Auth0 Management API Webhooks" Extension

I want to use the “Auth0 Management API Webhooks” for sending webhooks calls to the php server, I am not getting any help or documentation, can please someone can guide in this regard?

Hey there!

Here’s our only doc regarding Auth0 Management API Webhooks extension:

That is I have checked and used for sending requests, I have installed the required extension and configured the webhook, but every time I am getting this error “error: [{“cause”:{“code”:“UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE”},“isOperational”:true,“code”:“UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE”},“Skipping logs from 90020210312121612924000478231598876821936002529685930050 to 90020210312122230922000478593337287344484214048754237506 after 5 retries.”]”

Gotchya! Let me try to dive into this as I have never played with this before. Will get back to you once I find something!

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Can you please give me update on this?

Hey there!

Terribly sorry for the delay in response but I must have missed it! I went through the doc I sent you following all the steps precisely and it works. Tried to do some research in our community to see if somebody also faced such hurdle and found those:

Maybe that will be of any help as it seems this error is quite custom. Once more sorry for the delay in response!