Trying to understand how and where 'audience' is used

I’m using auth0 with a React Native app and am using some copied code which is working. I’m trying to understand what audience means and how it is used. The docs say the audience identifies the resource owner, and in my code it’s set to 'http://localhost:". This is a loopback, so I’m assuming that when auth0 actually uses audience, it calls it relative to the resource server.
Can anyone explain what’s happening here? How does auth0 identify the machine relative to which it calls audience, and is the audience always the same as this machine?

Hello there @gabe1, welcome to the Auth0 Community! I believe @sgmeyer said it best when he spoke about audience here below:

So when you said the statement of:

This is 100% correct!

Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this front as I am happy to help! Thanks!

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