Trying to link user from email to specific page in protected app

Hi all,

Our app is React frontend, .net backend.

We have a page like the following:

We want to be able to email a user that link, so when they click it, either they are brought directly to that page (having cached/cookie login) or to the login, then redirected there.

Right now if you were to click on that link, it brings you to the auth page, then to the main website:

Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hey @scott14 !

Are user’s redirected to this page successfully if they are already authenticated? In terms of redirecting user’s throw in the authentication flow you might want to look into using a simple action:

Alternatively, handling this redirect upon successful auth in your app code directly might be an option.


So, I think I need to explain better, because this should be able to be handled without any redirect actions.

If I go to my site,, there is a dashboard (grid) that has rows that I can click for each record (think of it like seeing a grid of different restaurants).

When I am in the site, and authenticated, clicking on any of those links brings me to those pages. Also, if I close the browser, and go back to, I often times to not need to re-authenticate because of the token being cached.

What I want to do is be able to email people a link directly to the restaurant, for example:

And when they click that, if the token is cached and non-expired, it should take them to the page. If not, it should bring them to the auth page, and then to the page in the link.

Any thoughts?