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Trouble with access to the metadata for a SAML connection


Forgive my newbie question in advance…

I’m trying to follow the instruction here:

I’m at step three; " In general, you can access the metadata for a SAML connection in Auth0 here: “https://YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN/samlp/metadata?connection=YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME .”

I have to assume YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN is the email domain for accounts one and two?
And of course, YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME is the name is that which I entered when I set up the account 1 connection.

But when I go to the URL, it returns “Connection not found”. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Hey @dscott!

No worries there are no newbie questions here.

YOUR_AUTH0_DOMAIN is the name, appended with When you create a new account with Auth0, you are asked to pick a name for your Tenant. This is it.

YOUR_CONNECTION_NAME is the name you specified when configuring Auth0 to serve as a SAML Service Provider

Here’s the tutorial on that:

Hope it helps!


Hey there!

Have you had a chance to go through materials I provided above?

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