Trouble following Phoenix/Elixir Auth0 guide - domain name/ssl

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Hello all. I followed the nice Phoenix/Auth0 guide from blog elixir-and-phoenix-tutorial-build-an-authenticated-app , but I can’t figure out how to test it locally.

I build the app, and then I click the Login link. That attempts to take me to https authorize?client_id=… . That won’t work since my app is in early development and the domain isn’t live.

So I changed my AUTH0_DOMAIN value from “myrealdomain com” to “localhost 4000”. That fails because it is attempting to contact https localhost 4000 (SSL). This is my dev environment, and I don’t have SSL enabled in the app (nor do I have a cert for localhost 4000).

Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Hey there @miket, I apologize for the delay in response.

I understand this question was asked quite some time ago but if you are still facing this issue I would be happy to give it a look. One thing that can help our investigation is when you are experiencing the broken workflow to capture a HAR file. This would allow us to follow the Authentication flow and see where the breakdown is happening. Please be sure to select “Preserve log” to catch redirects and scrub the file of user passwords before passing it over in direct message.

Due to the age of this topic I will keep it open for another ten days just in case you have any lingering questions on this subject. Thanks!

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