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Trouble following Phoenix/Elixir Auth0 guide - domain name/ssl


(Edited to make links not real links since new users are limited on how many links we can enter :/… but hopefully readers will understand what I mean.)

Hello all. I followed the nice Phoenix/Auth0 guide from blog elixir-and-phoenix-tutorial-build-an-authenticated-app , but I can’t figure out how to test it locally.

I build the app, and then I click the Login link. That attempts to take me to https authorize?client_id=… . That won’t work since my app is in early development and the domain isn’t live.

So I changed my AUTH0_DOMAIN value from “myrealdomain com” to “localhost 4000”. That fails because it is attempting to contact https localhost 4000 (SSL). This is my dev environment, and I don’t have SSL enabled in the app (nor do I have a cert for localhost 4000).

Suggestions? Thanks in advance!