Trickle migration between Auth0 database connections


I am wondering if it’s possible to do a trickle migration between auth0 databases.

I have one custom database connection that I used to migrate users into Auth0 from Firebase using trickle migration. I am wanting to create another custom database connection and use trickle migration into the new custom database connection. I intend to use this process to divide a single custom database connection (the one I made to migrate from firebase to auth0) to individual databases (each being associated with an single organization).


Hi @jonathan.morales,

Generally, we recommend exporting and importing your users from your first database to your second database connection.

However, if you would like to perform a trickle migration between Auth0 Databases, please check out our Lazy Migration Between Two Auth0 Tenants FAQ on this.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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