Translation problem with auth0-lock-list-code

Hello! I’m using lock with languageDictionary

 var lock = new Auth0LockPasswordless(
          auth: {
            redirectUrl: config.callbackURL,
              (config.internalOptions || {}).response_type ||
              (config.callbackOnLocationHash ? "token" : "code"),
            params: config.internalOptions,
          assetsUrl: config.assetsUrl,
          allowedConnections: connection ? [connection] : null,
          rememberLastLogin: !prompt,
          language: language,
          languageDictionary: languageDictionary,
          theme: {
            logo: "##CDN_BASE_URL##/img/desjardins_logo.png",
            primaryColor: "#00874E",
          closable: false,
          showTerms: false,
          configurationBaseUrl: config.clientConfigurationBaseUrl,
          overrides: {
            __tenant: config.auth0Tenant,
            __token_issuer: "https://" + config.auth0Tenant + "/",
          container: "login-container",

But when I click in change language at the frontend, the undefined-location input get an undefined undefined value instead of a country code value.

When I click in the country list I got this error:

lock-11.30.js:9 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘map’)
** at e.render (lock-11.30.js:9:782296)**
** at p._renderValidatedComponentWithoutOwnerOrContext (lock-11.30.js:9:857992)**
** at p._renderValidatedComponent (lock-11.30.js:9:858119)**
** at p.performInitialMount (lock-11.30.js:9:853960)**
** at p.mountComponent (lock-11.30.js:9:853006)**
** at Object.mountComponent (lock-11.30.js:9:125441)**
** at g.mountChildren (lock-11.30.js:9:883884)**
** at g._createInitialChildren (lock-11.30.js:9:866484)**
** at g.mountComponent (lock-11.30.js:9:864698)**
** at Object.mountComponent (lock-11.30.js:9:125441)**

Anybody knows where I can fix the error in the template? Where can I find this country code list?