Translating wordpress plugin

I’d like to get the auth0 wordpress plugin localized in Italian
I mean, not the widget language, which I can set in the wordpress plugin options
but a full translation of the plugin, so that - for example - my site users get error messages in Italian, instead of English

I see the languages folder in the plugin subfolder system, and I’ve translated the .pot file using poedit; once I upload via ftp the new and it.po files, nothing changes

where should I put my hands to get it done?


@daniele.debiagi - We’d be happy to review and merge an Italian translation of the plugin, thank you for the offer to help here. The best way to do that would be to do a PR to our GitHub repo with the translated po and mo files. Then we can have someone on our end review that get it merged in. We just finished a Spanish translation and this process worked well. If you’re not familiar with git or how that process works, let me know and we’ll figure out another way to get that in.

Thanks again!

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  • not very familiar with github, but want to try
    my translation is not actually full, I just translated some messages I’d like my visitors to see in case of error; but I’ll be glad to help
    where can I find the repo to work with?

  • but my question was: is the plugin ready to support translations? if so, what do I have to do to make it use the correct translation instead of the original English language?

Great to hear and happy to help!

A link to the repo would have helped in my last reply … that’s here:

You want to Fork that (button on the top right) to your account, then clone the fork locally, make a branch, make your changes, push to your repo, then create a pull request. All of that is covered here (and in a number of other places):

When you create the PR, you’ll see a template with information to fill out. Don’t worry about compiled assets or tests or anything, just the translation will be fine.

To make the translation, open Poedit, click Create a New Translation, find the .pot file in you local repo, and open that. Fill in the language, Italian, and you should be ready to go. The first time you save, it should ask for a file name, use the one it recommends (it is what I see for “Italian”). When you’re done, add, commit, push, and create a PR as instructed above. The only files that should be included are the .mo and .po files you made. The .pot file should not change at all.

One thing to note … we have a number of Auth0-specific terms in our text, things like:

  • Rules
  • Auth0 Dashboard
  • Management API
  • Grant Types

Since the Auth0 dashboard is not translated, these should stay approximately the same. If you’re at all familiar with Spanish, the translation there might be helpful for finding those:

If you get stuck on anything, pick a standard string like TRANSLATION_NEEDED and we’ll get someone here to help with it.

Last thing … I just pushed a number of changes for the translation base file and those need to be reviewed and merged, hopefully today or tomorrow morning. You’ll want to wait until those are complete to start as it will change how your Italian translation is formatted:

Again, thank you so much and please let me know if you need any additional guidance here. We want to make translation as easy as possible!

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thank you for the great and newbie-proof explanation :slight_smile:
I’ll have a look with a bit of calm
one thing I didn’t understand, yet: once the translation will be ready and included in the plugin, is there any option or setting to manage in order to get the plugin working in the desired language? I can’t figure out how to do this. If there is anything more to do to get this done, please tell me and I’ll have a look to that too, while I complete the translation

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You should just be able to change the WordPress language (wp-admin > Settings > General) and that will activate the translation that matches the language. We don’t have any translations live as the moment so I’ll try the Spanish one we have in GitHub locally and make sure that works.

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