Transaction email templates with Sendgrid

Auth0’s email templates are good, but I’d love to use SendGrid’s email template feature instead, so that others can easily manage email copy, manage translation, and so on. I’d also love to be able to set a sendgrid category on the emails, so that we can track stats on a particular type of email. Is there any way to do this via Auth0’s configuration?

Side feature request: I’d also like to be able to deploy email templates from a github repo, like rules etc :slight_smile:

Hi @floppy :slight_smile:
Those two feature requests are actually interesting. For both (specially the second) I recommend using …not sure if you are familiar with it already.

A webtask is an HTTP endpoint that can return any content type you wish. It can be JSON, HTML, PNG, or a template in a templating language of your choice.

I’m actually writing my own configuration script tool at the moment, which will configure everything about Auth0 via the API, including the email content, so I might have cracked that part. I’ll release it open source when it’s working.

How would you recommend using a webtask to configure sendgrid? For things like the passwordless emails, I can’t find any hooks to get in the middle of… but perhaps I’m missing something.

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i think this is still an important feature. i would like to manage all of my email templates using all the tools provided by the service provider who is specialized in emails.