tokenInfo api is not working

I am using tokeninfo api but i found that it is disabled in new version. So there is any way to get json of token using id_token. I dont want to use access token.

As the /tokeninfo is being deprecated the recommendation would be for you to call the /userinfo endpoint instead. I know you stated you do not want to use an access token, however /userinfo endpoint requires a suitable access token instead of the ID token that you were sending to /tokeninfo. The userinfo migration is to align with the OIDC specification. Could you explain your use case and why using /userinfo endpoint with an access token won’t work for you?

I want to get the usermetadata field also but /userinfo will give only few information.

We should be able to populate /userinfo using the custom claims Rule, as shown here: OpenID Connect Scopes so that we can include the user_metadata. It’s a little bit extra work since in the sense that it’s not automatically included, but we can include any custom information using Rules. Let me know if this works for you.